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We’ve been tackling poverty in communities to build better lives

The great journey to end poverty for good begins with a child.

Join our community to help bring clean and safe drinking water

Our Causes

Our Core Value.

Our values are at the heart of our work. They guide how we do what we do. They are shared by our staff, supporters, volunteers, project partners and the communities with whom we work.

Our Focus Areas


We create a conducive environment for Children to learn and use the acquired education to break the chain of Poverty.


Through our volunteering programme we give young people opportunity to learn and improve personally and professionally during the implementation of our projects.

Young Women & Girls

Empowering young women through entrepreneurship training and opportunities.

Our Impact

Monthly Visitors
Volunteers Connected
Swash Club Formed
Handwashing Stations
Children Reached


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Our Vision

Our vision is to transform poor children’s dreams into reality through education to break the cycle of poverty and create the generation with creativity and independent minds.

Our Mission

NIA is existing to facilitate all necessary environments which are friendly for children in learning and make them active citizens through the knowledge they acquire.

Words From Kids

  • Before getting this menstrual health education I was very scared to see my menstruation because I did not have products to manage it , but after getting education and products now I am comfortable with my menstruation

    Mshikamano primary school
  • I’m glad I got this education before I got my first menstrual period because I had never heard anyone talking about menstruation so I thought it was a scary thing.

    Majimoto primary school
  • I used to wear a piece of cloth to manage my menstruation so I was worried when I was in class, I felt the fabric would fall and I would be laughed at in class so I was not at peace when I was menstruating and my participation in class was weak but now I have found these products I will not be afraid anymore

    Maweni primary school
  • I used to feel very embarrassed when I started to see menstruation, I thought it was a very bad thing but after this education it helped me to know that menstruation is normal for every woman.

    Marurani primary school
  • My parents never told me anything about my menstruation and I was afraid to ask but I had questions to ask to removed the fear I had, but this education helped me answer all the questions I had about my menstruation

    Mzimuni primary school

Our Members

  • Hussein Salim

    Founding Director
  • Denish Otieno

    Programs Manager
  • Katherine Flores

    Head of Communication
  • Clarence Tindwa

    Project Development Officer