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Who are We?

Our activities are delivered by young people willing to become agents of change. We also get support and work alongside different organizations and Individuals, both local and international, including NGOs, government institutions, private sector, community groups and individuals passionate about delivering sustainable development in the communities.

NIA feels duty-bound to play a leading role in assisting Tanzanian rural communities to develop economically and socially. We engage with young people in the development sector to show a positive impact they can make, especially in eradicating poverty through education.

Our focus so far has been on delivering School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (SWASH), Menstrual Hygiene Management project, installation of rainwater harvesting (RWH) tanks at schools located in rural areas and supporting school infrastructures such as renovation of classrooms and building new classrooms if there are high needs.

School Infrastructure

Realizing the increase in enrollment rate in both Primary and Secondary schools in Tanzania NIA is working with partners and different stakeholders to renovate the existing classroom so that students are having a conducive environment to study, also constructing new classrooms at the identified partner schools to accommodate the increased enrollment rate.

Clean Water

NIA believes that if there is clean and safe water in the schools then students will have ample time learning and they will not be sent to fetch water during class hours, NIA is implementing a water harvesting project which is intended to harvest water with the right amount of fluoride and does not affect student’s teeth during consumption, this intervention involves setting up a system that will enable water harvesting, this includes setting up water tanks in partner schools.

Student's Health

NIA intervention in this area includes, Water sanitation and Hygiene-this intervention involves creating awareness on clean water and sanitation in schools both primary and secondary schools emphasizing steps for handwashing and constructing handwashing stations in the partner schools, another intervention is (MHM) Menstrual Hygiene Management sessions to the young girls in the age of between 15 to 19 in both primary and secondary school also distributing sanitary pads to these students.

The MHM Project aims to break the menstrual taboos amongst rural communities, also MHM Project involves the construction of a private room( Girls Friendly Toilets) that support them to be comfortable during their menstrual periods NIA Believes that with the good health absenteeism will be reduced hence increase in performance in both Primary and secondary school

English Program

Teaching English reinforcement classes will give elementary students the tools they need to start communicating in English with confidence at an early age. Sharing with volunteers from other countries, whether they are native speakers or have English as a second language, will motivate students to expand their knowledge.

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NIA Core Values


We are creative and easy to discover new ideas and opportunities.


We are committed to the work that we do and contribute to the development of our stuff and communities.

Open minded

We are open-minded to trying new things and learning from one another.


We are easy to adapt to new change and environment.


Where the money goes

We put transparency at the heart of everything we do

which means we show our supporters where we spend

their donations

History About Us

Ndoto is a swahili word meaning a Dream. Ndoto in Action aims to transform poor children’s dreams into reality.


The Organization was founded with the group of young people who are passionate about sustainable development and are eager to empower children through education in Tanzania mainland.

We are a youth-led organization and We believe every child should get access to quality education to break the cycle of poverty and reach their dreams.

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The legal definition of a charitable organization varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country.


We can not help everyone

but everyone can

help someone


Towards the end of the 19th century, with the advent of the New Liberalism and the innovative work of Charles


Towards the end of the 19th century, with the advent of the New Liberalism and the innovative work of Charles