Sneak peek of our next two months (October and November, 2021)

We will continue working towards facilitating all necessary environments which are friendly for children in learning, thanks to our partner organization, Made with Hope.

For the next two months, we will implement the School Water Sanitation and Hygiene (SWASH) in the new partner schools Muungano and Oldenderet located in the communities of Arusha.  The committee of the schools was so keen to receive us and to start working with us.

To carry out this project, we require the energy of volunteers who are committed and passionate about SWASH-related projects. We opened calls to start the recruitment process. There was a selection event where we met the volunteers; we did activities where we assessed the different skills required to implement the project.

As a final result, we selected four volunteers who started a three-day induction. Congratulations to each of the volunteers, and welcome to this new adventure.

Another project that we will be implementing during this period is the construction of rainwater harvesting in Mzimuni. We have already met with the school committee and are excited to start construction soon.

For more updates, stay tuned to our social networks. See you there!

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